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The vivid and beautiful flowers of Iwata that adorn the four seasons

Seasonal Flower Calendar

The flowers that bloom throughout the year mark the changes in the seasons. Visitors can enjoy seasonal flowers throughout Iwata, which offers so many beautiful blooms that one is almost inspired to draw them in a sketchbook.
Autumn Leaves [Shishigahana Park] ⇒ Hydrangea [Iouji Temple]

Hydrangea [Iouji Temple]

The ancient Iouji temple was constructed in the Nara period (8th century).
Its moss-covered grounds mean that Iouji Temple is sometimes called the “Moss Temple of the Tokai Region.” in early June to July grounds are home to a breathtaking range of blue and purple and white hydrangea flowers.

Museum of Fragrance
Museum of Fragrance
Museum of Fragrance