Sightseeing Guide

Enjoy Iwata’s extravagant nature of sea, mountain and river to the fullest

Relaxing Nature Walk

From Ryuyo Marine Park, with its panoramic view of the open sea, to Shishigahana Park where the trees grow in the pure air, Iwata’s appeal isthe ability to fully enjoy both the sea and the mountain! Cradled by Enshu’s soft breeze, refresh both mind and body.
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Ryuyo Marine Park

This park with its abundant greenery has a range of facilities that the whole family can enjoy, including sports facilities such as a gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis courts, and a baseball ground, and other facilities including the Ryuyo Fuji, athletic field, and walking deck.

Shishigahana Park & Trekking Trail
Shishigahana Park & Trekking Trail